Friday 8 May 2020

Corvid 19 Support Videos

We have been reaching out with a series of blogs that look at some of the challenges we are facing and the opportunities we might create as we move through the Covid 19 period. Some also look forward with a sense of hope and aspiration related to how we might create some changes for ourselves and accept that we no longer and never did by the way, control the bigger picture

I wonder if you agree that things feel very much this way right now? The aggressive spread of the pandemic has damaged our global, national, economic and personal confidence.
Until medicine, science and political will catch up, it feels that we need to take on board the adjacent message; that it is us, our expectations of ourselves and others that needs to change.

From Surviving to Growth & Thriving

These 3 videos talk about our responses to trauma and how we might grow through it. They also acknowledge that we might from time to time, be unable to maintain our progress and that “slipping back is natural and is okay:

Stage 1- The pandemic has had an impact on us all and whereas we have our individual reactions, there are some common threads we can consider. This can help us to understand that what we are experiencing might well be a "normal response to an abnormal situation"

Stage 2- This clip looks at some behaviours that tell you that you are moving in the right direction. You may want to use some of them to set yourself a target that is meaningful to you. Be kind to yourself and if you have the occasional difficult time, remember; it's just that. It doesn't have to stay that way!

Stage 3- This is the 3rd stage of the process that begins with looking at how we behave in Survival mode, moving through to Acceptance and eventually to Growth and Acceptance. It points us in the direction of some improvement criteria, behaviours that tell us we are heading towards a "better place" from where we can function more effectively. We also emphasise the importance of self-acceptance!

Feeling Overwhelmed by the News?

Here’s one of our earliest Corvid19 videos, we were very concerned about the impact 24/7 news coverage was having on individual health and well-being. Our response here is still valid as we move forward.
It’s Okay Not to Feel Okay and Here’s Why
What have unwanted changes got in common? They all put us in a place we don't want to be and they have the capacity to make us angry, sad and depressed before working our way through them. Here's how the model might apply to our current situation and how we need to challenge our thinking about what we expect of ourselves and others
Connecting, Why Bother?
Why reach out to people who aren't in your immediate circle? Why nurture relationships, the value of which isn't immediately clear? Maybe it's time for us to redefine relationships and value!
Connecting Clouds
This is the 3rd in out series "Overwhelmed By The News" and it takes a look at the value of connectivity and the positive impacts it can have on us all. It also asks us to consider what might be different about the way we work with and relate to each other once we are through the current situation.

If you're not coping well and understand that you are feeling sad, anxious and unable to shift these feeling, please talk to your General Practitioner, they will listen without judgement and advise you what to do next. 

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