Sunday 17 May 2020

Uncertainty & Limiting Beliefs

A Recipe for "Freezing in The Spotlights?"

I hear then term "Uncertain (ty) used more often than ever before, it's barely surprising as we look forward to an insecure future: here are a few synonyms of "uncertainty"

...unpredictability,precariousnessstate of suspense, unreliability, inconclusivenesschanciness, changeableness

And when we put them together we can form the sentence from the depths of the well of doubt as we look forward to:

A precarious, unpredictable future that will have us all in an ongoing state of suspense wherein information is unreliable, inconclusive and changeable!

Cheers you up doesn't it?

So, limiting beliefs: 

I see them as deeply held an hard-to-let go of beliefs about ourselves that confine and restrict us. They can get in the way of saying "Yes" to opportunity and encourage us to do and say things that draw attention away from what it is we really, really believe about ourselves

Now, we're at a time of substantial change and uncertainty in lots of significant areas of our lives and these are by themselves, enough to impact on our confidence. Add a few Limiting Beliefs to the equation and we can find ourselves on a downward spiral of self-doubt or over-corrective behaviours

In this clip, we give an example of where a self doubt might have found its way into our belief system and a structured approach that shows how we might begin to counter its impacts

The process is can be a challenging one and we're here to help you on your journey. You can contact us by replying to this article or by emailing/phoning or texting me on the number shown below.

John Dooner

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