Thursday 25 August 2016


In 1989 I was seconded into a two-year post in a West Midlands Local Authority. Here I met very, very few of the "timeserver stereo-types" and a significant number of dedicated and hard working people. Things moved at a different pace largely because........well a number of reasons really but here's a significant one

The technology involved in getting messages to people was pretty straight forward we could

someone and talk to them..........
Speak into one of these

And give the Mini Cassette to the supervisor of the people who worked these

And after a wait, very much decided upon by how important you were, you'd get your stuff back-a couple of days usually.
 Then you would re-check it and very often realise that you might not be conveying the intended message: wrong words, wrong phraseology, wrong context and vulnerable to misinterpretation. So you'd change it or decide another, more personal approach was more appropriate.

At DY3 Solutions we  deliver a significant amount of work related conflict resolution and mediation and guess what's at the bottom of a lot of the discontent, anger and hurt we see and hear expressed....................................These:

The combination of instant communication and the means to read it anywhere. And here's something else to consider:

The more names you add onto the CC line, the greater the potential to create offence and "hard to fix" fractures in relationships. It's a way of giving a public admonishment, of stating how right you are and how wrong the recipient might be.
  And once it's out there, it's out there.

As far as technology goes I wouldn't much like to go back to the late '80's. I like email and I get it. There are also times when I would happily dis-invent it. However those waits and delays gave time to reconsider and re-frame: valuable time. Time in which we might even

....and talk to each other.

If you need any help with work-based relationships, then please get in touch. Drop me an email and I'll get back to you. In the meantime, prune the CC lists and 

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