Tuesday 25 November 2014

Do You Know What Some Visitors Think of Birmingham?

Cross Innovation: it's about bringing creative industries together with a range of partners to create exciting and sustainable outcomes that provide employment, training, economic growth, hope and aspiration. There's a tangible feeling of growth on the East side of Birmingham, as commerce, creative and service industries are growing and the City's education sector brings an energy, vitality and a message of ambition.

At DY 3Solutions we have an excellent working relationship with Birmingham City University's Research Innovation and Enterprise Team who were pivotal in arranging and delivering a two day conference in October. It was attended by delegates from 11 European Cities all of which has committed themselves to the spirit and outcomes of Cross Innovation. And here, in Birmingham over two-days, participants contributed, challenged and learned from each other.
The venues sent out powerful messages about Birmingham

Day 1

Held at Birmingham City University's Parkside campus: it's an environment that produces a "Creative Hum" created by students and lecturers across a variety of disciplines in a new and vibrant setting it's indicative of our new and growing Birmingham, outward looking and innovative and located in and amongst an area of growth and innovation alongside the City's more traditional buildings-the one we used the second day
Day 2

This part of the event was delivered at The Bond in Fazeley Street, Digbeth in the heart of Birmingham's manufacturing past and creative future.

The relatively short journey between the two venues creates a powerful snapshot of past, potential and energy. It was picked up and commented on by the delegates who had plenty more to say about Birmingham. Here are few of the observations I picked up on throughout the day

Birmingham is friendly
  • The delegates told me that they had met and spoken with pleasant, friendly and helpful people
Birmingham has great places to visit
  • This included our new and older civic buildings, our city centre, it's eating venues and pubs.
Birmingham has a vibe!
  • It feels exciting, there's a lot going on, there's potential here and it feels a great place for growth, ideas and creativity.
......and these were the outcomes of a few conversations held throughout day 2 of the conference; conversations held between a very proud Brummie  and visitors to our City who experienced it through different ears, observations, experiences and expectations.

I too often find myself saying that Birmingham and the Black Country is "much maligned by people who've never been here,". It was great to hear some very positive messages that will be carried back to across Europe about our energies, our potential and our future!

Monday 10 November 2014

Seeking The 18th Camel

We are often involved in "stuck situations", not the best piece of English in the world but it captures perfectly what is going on. Whether as individuals or as members of groups we can sometimes lose sight of the fact that there's "more to life" and that's because "issues" (whatever they are!) become problems that in their turn grow into deeply engrained responses that are toxic and destructive.

Desirable as it might seem the wisdom associated with "When you're in a hole, stop digging," seems to be one of the first escapees from the increasingly locked in behaviours.

We sometimes have to find ways of introducing some new thinking to free up the existing dialogue. Compromise is fine but it has to be remembered, as much a compromise will give you something you want, it will also require you to accept something you don't want! 

A shared solution works best, particularly when as in the clip, those involved feel that their individual wants and needs have been met.

These are the types of outcomes we work hard to achieve, they're also the one that "stick best".