Sunday 24 May 2020


They Seem Here To Stay But Where & How Should We Deploy Them?

My meetings on line follow a pretty standard pattern: there are the always welcome, personal ones. I then have professional ones where I'm talking with clients and others about either current issues or how things are looking going forward: these are the subject of today's blog

I also do some on-line learning support-about 4 hours worth a week and I'm able to access some fantastic personal/professional development.

I have other professional connectivity too, where ideas are exchanged, challenged and developed and it's in this environment where, by and large I feel that I'm pretty much in control of things or perhaps more accurately, I don't need control because there's a feeling of mutual acceptance of role and relationship(s).

That's not the case everywhere and I'm increasingly having conversations with colleagues who are "Zoomed Out" (Other platforms are available!). So, this piece isn't one that's aiming its criticism of the meeting platform itself. Rather it's a warning regarding the intensity and frequency of usage.

Recognise This?

There are important messages for companies to produce some interim guidance so that workers are not asked to move from one on-line-meeting to another without some "downtime". This process can create its own stresses discussed in this excellent overview

For self employed/home workers, I'm going to advise you to think about how you are scheduling your days and in doing so, try to build in some time that takes you away from the screen. This is something you are going to have to take on for yourself: if you do, I think I can promise you that you will feel the benefit. It's something I've failed to do on a couple of occasions when I've had a series of "back to back" on line meetings and please believe me, I can tell the difference!

Something a little more concerning: I've had some conversations about how badly some people appear to engage in or react to on-line platforms. I've also spoken to a couple of people who find this medium very uncomfortable. 

Was a necessary response to a terrifyingly new situation and it has affected every aspect of our lives. The on-line meeting platform is a constant reminder that things may never return to their collective, predictable past and that changes to our work patterns serve as an ongoing and significant reinforcer of trauma we are living through. So, be easy on yourself and if you manage, supervise or are responsible for the workplace well-being of others, please give some thought to what it is we are not only asking people to do but also who and what we are asking them to be: it can be very new and very frightening-we discuss it here in a 59 second clip

Your comments and observations are welcome and we are here to listen and help!

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