Thursday 2 April 2020

It's Okay Not To Feel Okay and Here's Why

There are occasions when we don't feel okay and these can be tough on us, especially if we hold the view that "It's my job to be okay!"That view can be formed from a number of sources and stock phrases we hear repeated time and time over. They can leave us on a lonely, cold and desolate place!

  • Don't be such a cry-baby
  • That's it, turn the water works on
  • Big boys don't cry!
  • Man up!
  • Grow a pair!
  • Snowflake!
  • Millennial 
  • Having a bad day are we?
  • You think you've got problems?
  • Time of the month?
  • Drama queen!
You know the sort of thing, it's damaging and every time it happens it places the problem with the person who is experiencing a challenging time. My view is that it leaves a dangerous imprint, one that reinforces the view that "It's better to say nothing than reveal a weakness"

Here's a clip we produced to challenge some of the assumptions and it feels completely appropriate in the current Covid 19 situation.

It's based on the Kubler Ross Change Model, one that deals with loss, challenge and change.

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