Monday 27 April 2015

Are You ready for A Big Change?

Champion Jockey A.P McCoy gave an interview on BBC Breakfast today and there was one big stand out message, it was that  A.P McCoy seemed at a loss to:

  • Explain how he really felt
  • Talk about the future in a positive manner
  • Recognise his uncertainties
And in doing so created an example of a 'Toxic Trilogy' that can hit hard when we:
  • Retire
  • Cut back on our work commitments
  • Face redundancy and lay offs
  • Are taken ill
  • Need to re-arrange our lives to care for a loved one
He has retired at the pinnacle of his career - we are unlikely to ever see the like of him again. He is likely to be financially secure for the rest of his life, he has created a great legacy for his loving family, he has the adoration of the racing public and the respect of his peers. And yet this morning he had the look of a man lost in an uncertain future of the 'School Run' and........well, little more emerged today.

A.P was lost for words, or rather the words needed to say how he truly felt:  He reflected not on a career but on a powerful a self-actualising identity. It was a modest view of the world from a man who was a the top of a tree he now looks at, because from the moment of he crossed the finish line for the final time he was no longer in his secure role. The danger, the camaraderie, the excitement and the adoration - gone. I hope A.P has a some great times ahead of him and that his fantastic knowledge and talents can benefit others. I hope he is happy.

At DY 3Solutions we approach life changes in way that gives our clients an opportunity to take stock of themselves, of their achievements, of what matters to them. We enable our clients to recognise the strengths they have that might help them carry their lives forward with a sense of adventure and purpose. It's an approach that recognises uncertainty and considers how we will use our assets of character and values to anchor our confidence and open the door to new opportunities and experiences.

We can work with you, your colleagues, friends and family members and our approach can be adapted to contribute to a work exit strategy. We can't guarantee happiness, we will though, make sure that our clients have had an opportunity to consider how to approach the next stage of their lives with a positive outlook and a sense of "great things to come".

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