Monday 15 September 2014

How Many Do You Get? McGraw's Laws.

McGraw’s Laws
Background: Phil McGraw is a Psychologist + Celebrity Coach. He identifies 10 “laws of life” claiming that if you practice all 10 your success is guaranteed. Fail to practice just one and you can be “left in the dust”
1. Either you get it or you don’t
Insight doesn’t slowly evolve, it leaps
We can change now. So can our coachees and our customers. If you believe these things take lots of time it will.
2. You create your own experience
What is happening to you now tends to be a result of something you have done or are doing
While we blame others we will never self-diagnose. Keep looking for your role in producing the results you are getting. You are not a victim, you have choice
3. People do what works
People repeat behaviours that reward them in some way
To change any behaviour you must first identify the “payoff” then stop the payoff.
You cannot change your own negative behaviour without understanding why you do it in the first place
4. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge
Solving a problem depends on acknowledging it in the first place.
What you do not acknowledge is going to get worse until you do
Don’t spend time on problems that people do not admit to.
5. Life rewards action
No one cares about your intentions only what you do.
Until someone commits to an action nothing will change
6. There is no reality only perception
“People knowledge” is based on opinion and so cannot be objective
Accept others opinion of you. If you don’t like it, ask yourself how you contributed to it and how you can change it.
7. Life is managed not cured
Don’t expect something or someone to sort your problems once and for all Challenge is a constant
How often do we hear “if only I had x everything would be OK”
Real change involves adopting new and permanent strategies.
8 We teach people how to treat us
If someone treats us a certain way it is because we are rewarding that behaviour by how we  respond to it
Identify the payoff we are giving that person and  then stop the payoff
We can re-teach people –after all, we taught them in the first place
9. There is power in forgiveness
If you hold a grudge against someone it hurts you not them
See it as a learning experience and learn to forgive
10. You have to name it to claim it
To achieve a goal you must first create one.
Do it properly.
Not knowing precisely what you want is not OK.
Learn to state specifically what you want and why you want it
Have a plan or you’ll be a part of someone else’s

....and which one rings most true for you? For me it's number 7, followed closely by number 9.....

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